Solution for grinding, noisy printer LJ2015, LJ2055, i-sensys 59xx...


   Easy way how to solve noisy and grinding printer from HP LJ 20xx series and Canon I-sensys 59xx series, 58xx series etc.








   Grinding and noising cause gear RC2-6242. There is basicaly three ways, how to solve this disturbing sounds like huhuhuhuhuhu....


Way 1: Replace gear RC2-6242. Simple replace bad component, but this procedure is relativly hard and need new part.

Way 2: Give aretation to gear RC2-6242 from side. Like on picture, you can do something similar. You need drill a hole to metal sheet and then bolt e screw. In this way, it is important check if the movement of RC2-6242 is free. If not, the printer will dos not work well.

Way 3: The easiest way, and from my experiences is reliable too. Simply bend the end of metal sheet (part is show on picture like way 3). You can bend this part very easy little up or down (only milimeters steps) and you hear thats the grinding dissapeared.







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